Heart Attack Data Presented In Berlin

June 13, 2022
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June 13, 2022 Implicit Bioscience

Implicit Bioscience will be in the spotlight this week at the world congress of the International Society for Heart Research in Berlin when Dr Daniel Donner presents the truly remarkable effects of the mouse equivalent of atibuclimab (IC14) on a severe (60 minute) heart attack.

Given as a treatment one hour after blood flow to the heart was restarted, the drug protected between 30% and 70% of critical heart functions. Using the latest technology, Dr Donner was able to show that the drug reprogrammed expression of more than a thousand genes in immune cells in the treated animals.

This result is exciting not only for our cardiology collaborators in Australia and the US, but also their colleagues leading our work in diseases of the brain, eye and lung. It is just the latest evidence supporting the proposition that IC14 targets a master regulator of the immune response.

Click here to view the Poster and watch a short preview from Dr Donner below.