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Our lead therapeutic candidate IC14 is an investigational anti-CD14 monoclonal antibody

IC14 regulates pathogenic inflammatory responses to infection and injury, and has great potential across a variety of disease areas. Right now, we are focused on testing its efficacy in the fight against motor neurone disease (MND) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); cardioimmunology; and all-cause acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) .


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IC14 is a novel monoclonal antibody designed to block CD14 – a master regulator of the body’s immune response.

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We are a private company, with a noble investment proposition, welcoming support from philanthropists, private investors and government sources.

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“The chronic diseases that afflict us as we age are largely the result of inappropriate inflammation, so the ability of IC14 to reset the level of inflammation should be game-changing for these diseases.“

– Scientific Advisor, Prof Ian Frazer

Current Clinical Trials


IC14 has been selected for inclusion in a platform Phase 2 clinical study by the Healey Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.


IC14 has been selected for inclusion in two funded multicentre Phase 2 clinical studies in the US, to reduce the severity of respiratory disease in people hospitalised due to COVID-19.

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