A noble investment

We are a privately held unlisted public company, with a world-first investment proposition, welcoming support from philanthropists, private investors and government sources.

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Our Company is moving through major value inflection milestones, right now, and we are welcoming support from investors motivated to help us to realise the full potential of IC14.

We are a privately held unlisted public company, committed to providing ethical and transparent insight into our progress, every step of the way, directly from the people closest to our work – our executive leaders, key scientific advisors and partnering clinicians too.

Our work is potentially life-saving and groundbreaking, on a global scale, and thus we have been fortunate to receive long standing support from loyal investors who are personally invested in our success.

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There is enormous potential for IC14 in the treatment of serious diseases via this master regulator of the immune response.

Chief Executive Officer, Garry Redlich