Transforming Neuroscience

Via a unique molecular target
and a first-in-class biologic,
starting with ALS/MND

Pioneering immunoneurology with a clinical-stage, platform antibody drug 
Targeting a master regulator of the immune response to central nervous system damage
Preparing for phase 2b in ALS/MND at the Healey Center / MGH in 2020
Offering hope of transformative therapy to millions of patients with diseases that are poorly treated

Doctor viewing brain scans

Key Science Messages

IC14 is the world’s only clinical-stage therapeutic anti-CD14 antibody

Implicit Bioscience owns all rights to this first-in-class monoclonal antibody

CD14 in circulation predicts both rapid ALS/MND disease progression and future dementia

Chronic systemic inflammation is the central feature of many neurodegenerative diseases. CD14 is the first-acting and most upstream drug target for intervention in diseases driven by chronic systemic inflammation

IC14 blocks CD14, restoring homeostasis

IC14 blocks inflammation in human immune cells and brain cells challenged with the key drivers of leading neurodegenerative diseases. It tempers the innate and adaptive immune responses that drive many chronic diseases.

IC14 is a drug platform with broad potential utility

Chronic and acute diseases caused by sterile inflammation are poorly treated. IC14 offers hope for millions of patients with limited or no current treatment options

A world-class team

The Implicit Bioscience team includes global
leaders in neuroscience and immunology